The Cyprus Network is an online venture by by Dictiorasis Ltd, an internationally acclaimed company with a portfolio of more than 5000 Internet Properties. It is a multi-faceted Vertical Portal Network, otherwise called a Vortal (Vertical Industry) network, that provides a gateway (a Portal) to information relating to various business sectors of the Cypriot economy.

Each of our Vortals relates to an individual Industry or Service, such as for Cyprus Holiday organisers, for the Cyprus Weather forecast, for the Hotel Industry etc, thus facilitating a truly targeted online advertising medium. Although the idea of creating such an advanced way of online advertising is not new (as a matter of fact Vortals are considered nowadays to be the most sophisticated way of delivering targeted information within the Net), what makes the CyprusNet network unique, is the development of not just one Vortal but more than two hundred. Each Vortal helping out in moving traffic between the rest of the Vortals, as well as being able to stand on its own to deliver advertising material and relevant content direct to the end user.

Internet users, who source information on the Cyprus Network, are only required to visit one Vortal, which has a targeted, relevant and memorable domain name. This invalidates the need for over-crowded searching and ensures that our advertisers gain from maximum exposure.

Cyprusnet company registration number: 10171633X

Cyprusnet V.A.T. number : HE171633